Deerfoot Inn & Casino Deerfoot Inn & Casino
Calgary, Alberta
Absolutely worst customer service I have ever experienced. I was walking in with my fiances uncle and a group of our friends and family behind us. The bouncer stopped us and with out a reason said we couldn't come in, after some arguing he finally claimed that we were too intoxicated to come in. We were not drunk, we were not stumbling, we were talking quietly to each other about a 50th birthday party we had just left. We asked if we could speak to a manager and he tried to say that they would say the same thing. He was extremely rude to us. Our group of 15 people asked if we could speak to a manager, instead of complying with our request a bunch of bouncers surrounded us and told us to leave. I could not believe how we were treated. We walked around the corner and my fiance's uncle took a cab home, my aunt ended up speaking with the manager and they finally admitted that they made a mistake, but it was to late. They ruined our night and proceed to watch our whole group like hawks for the rest of the night like we were criminals. I will never ever spend my money here again, disgusted with how we were treated.