Peppermill Coffee Shop and Lounge
Las Vegas, Nevada
We loved Peppermill. My partner had the fish and chips, and I had the cheese stuffed chicken and penne pasta with the red pepper sauce. My chicken dish satisfied my taste for something distinctive, and he enjoyed the standard fare. The red pepper sauce was more "southwest" than I had expected, but then I remembered...duh...Vegas is in the Southwest. The chicken was perfectly grilled and they still managed a perfectly cooked creamy cheese center. The sauce was tangy, sweet red peppery, but with some spicy heat. The rosemary flavored cheese center competed perfectly with the spicy red pepper sauce. The only downside was that our seating was a little tight. Both of us are plus size, so we could have used a wider berth. Small price to pay for great food. As we were leaving, I remarked that this restaurant is a reason I want to come back to Vegas. The service was perfectly timed, down to earth, professional, and friendly.