San Manuel Casino San Manuel Casino
Highland, California
I love the bingo hall. I just started going to bingo at the end of last year. Once a week. But my parents and grand elders have been going here for years. I would give it 5 stars. Except, i feel harassed by nonsmokers every time we go in there. I was told that the bingo hall is sectioned off. Half the room by the door is for nonsmokers. The other half by the snack bar, is the smoking section. Im not understanding why more and more groups of nonsmokers are sitting in the smoking section then rudely complaining about it? I get ENOUGH harassment from nonsmokers on a daily basis. I dont need to hear it from the last place i would expect to hear it (in a casino). So i just wanted to suggest maybe putting up signs to make it more clear for people, which side is the smoking section and which side is the NONSMOKING SECTION. and maybe put a snack bar on the nonsmoking side. To avoid friction. Because its getting to be a growing problem. The nonsmokers are attacking the smokers. I see and hear it more and more. Im not the only person whos having this problem.