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Punta Cana
Within 24 hours of staying here I had gotten 12 mosquito bites in my ROOM and I had to call 3 separate times to have the room fumigated before anyone actually came to spray. (We did not have our door open or anything like that and I was wearing bugspray). The spray lasted a day or so then the mosquitos came back with a vengeance. Again, I had to call multiple times before the problem was addressed. On our last day we ate at Cafetto, we had a little over an hour before our shuttle picked us up. Service was AWFUL and extremely SLOW. It took them an hour to bring out our appetizer. We shoved a bite or two into our mouths before hurrying out the door. The waitor asked what was wrong and I told him we had a flight and it took too long. He insisted that we stay, but seeing that our shuttle had already been waiting 3mins I told him no. Also, any resort credit you have you have to pay 20% on FYI. I will definitely not stay at any Hard Rocks in the future. The lack of concern for my health and wellbeing concerning the mosquitos considering that both Malaria and the Zika Virus can be found in the mosquitos here is enough for me!