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I was made a fool of when told to move from an "exclusive" pool which was located directly outside my hotel building. I was traveling with a 14 month old and the pool was the closest and convenient to our room. After being told to leave, I had to make us gather all of our stuff and walk half way across the resort to 2 pools down ... it was ridiculous! If I knew I could not use the pool right outside my hotel room, I might have asked to be placed somewhere else. However, I was not informed at check-in and I felt humiliated being told to go to another area 2 pools down. I think it is inconsiderate, not welcoming and inconvenient. I have been to Puerto Rico, Turks & Caicos, Cancun, Playa Del Carmen and I have stayed at all-inclusive and I have NEVER been treated like that before or made to feel like this before. If I was not there for a wedding, I probably would have switched hotels! In terms of food, the service at the restaurants were great. They were all nice to my family. We went to go eat at Ipanema, the Brazilian place, and they ironically had the worst over cooked meat on the resort. The steak and meat at other restaurants were far better. I was so surprised at that. After checking in the hotel, we were told "here is your key, you are all set" and that was it. Other hotels would take their time to make sure we were oriented to the resort and would send someone to walk us to our hotel door. We were sent out on our own with no help and guidance. I feel as though during check-in I should have been shown a map and the desk person should have pointed out where our room is and what is around it and the pools we can use and can't use. I DO NOT agree that there are "exclusive" pools but I at least feel that if I was told at this point I could have asked for another room or I would have been informed enough to not be embarrassed and be put out with a child in tow. On our last day of the trip, I was also waiting at a golf cart stop with our luggage to catch one to the front and no one was coming by for 10-15 mins. One finally pulls up and I frantically try to hurry to load our luggage, stroller and child when all of a sudden a lady put her arms up and said, "this cart is for exclusive members, are you a member?". I was so taken a back! How can this be OK? I said "No, but i am late for our bus and this is the only cart to come around in 15 minutes and we have 2 large suit cases and a child. Can you please help us or we will miss our bus!" The driver had to pick up some couple and promised he would be back, but I was furious. And in all that time not another cart came by! I was almost in tears! I hate the way I was made to feel second class when I shelled out a lot of money to attend this resort. Like I said, I have been to 4-5 other islands and all-inclusive resorts and Hard Rock was the most expensive and the least accommodating in-terms of providing that "pleasurable" experience.