Pioneer Hotel and Gambling Hall Pioneer Hotel and Gambling Hall
Laughlin, Nevada
The rooms need an update sooooo bad I mean paying $50 for this place is way to much I've paied less for a cheap motel and it looks better and this place is 100% NOT VEGAN FRIENDLY ?? for the drive next time I'm going to Las Vegas I thought we wpuld try a different place but that was rhe a big mistake. The beds are so old and by the first day even my 2 year old was complaining about the bed and the bed was loop sided. The toilet mafe the loudiest sound everytime it flushed and the bathtube looks like it was full of every disease and fungus known to man and that it hasnt been cleaned. The carpeat was so old and gross I didnt dare walk barefoot nor did I left my toddler. And the room was so stuffy n smelly we got a non smoking but I could smell every past guest this room ever had. This place was not worth the price or drive.