Indigo Sky Casino Indigo Sky Casino
Wyandotte, Oklahoma
Luckily we ate here on dining credit. If you plan on spending your own money think twice. I ordered the sea bass and it came out as tilapia! I felt bad for the waitress so I merely said that it was tilapia not sea bass hoping she would take it to the chef and say so ,,, but nobody cared what I thought. The capers the were piled on the fish were worth more than the fillet itself. I didn't expect a fantastic dinner, especially comped, but I wouldn't reccomend anyone dine here. Waitress was accommodating bit I felt bad for her as apparently no one had trained her as to what she was selling. My summation in one sentence,,,, don't send me tilapia and call it sea bass. I should have ordered a steak but I'm afraid I would have received a burger that someone thought was a steak. Casino was nice but stay away from the food. Sorry