Casino Copenhagen Casino Copenhagen
This is the worst casino. I'm sorry theres no nice way to put it, i have been to many casinos all over the world in my life but this is by far the worst, let me list a few examples 15USD entrance fee (yes you read that correctly) Rude and obnoxious staff Nothing is free in the bar, not softdrinks, coffee or water Dealers constantly asks for tips, even if you are way in the hole and they know this. Double rake and entrance fees if you purchase tournament tickets online. Bully behaviour for tips if win big, if you are so lucky to win a jackpot or tournament they will surround you or take you in the back and really force you to pay them a big tip, usually asking +5% of your winnings as dealer tips. The list goes on and on, if you find yourself needing a casino in CPH, take the train or a cab north to "Marienlyst, Helsingør" fantastic casino. Or take the train/bridge to Casino Cosmopol in Malmø(sweden).