Bally's - Las Vegas Bally's - Las Vegas
Las Vegas, Nevada
I am currently staying here but things are so bad I thought I would share this now. I want to start with the good: all of the staff have been friendly. This is my first time in Vegas so I didn't know what to expect. The staff on the casino floor as well as the front. That's the only reason this review gets two stars. Now, housekeeping; there is my main problem. This is my second day here and no one has come to clean our room. When we got here the bathroom had sort of been clean. There was still stuff on the mirror as well as gross smelly leftover food in the fridge from previous guests. On the first day they didn't clean we called and they brought up fresh towels and coffee for us. Again, we had to ask for it. Today they also didn't come. We again, called and had to ask for service and to speak to a manager to ask if not cleaning the rooms what normal for this hotel. The management tried to claim we put up our "Do not disturb" sign was up, but I haven't touched it. They offered us a $25 room credit, but seems like small compensation. It's unacceptable when I am staying here for $150 a night PLUS all the resort fees. I have stayed at cheapy rode side hotels for $40 a night that at least make the bed and change out the towels (unless there is a green option and I take it). If I ever came back to Vegas I would never stay here again.