Buffalo Run Casino Buffalo Run Casino
Miami, Oklahoma
We have gone to this casino several times over the past 3 yrs but we have never won anything and always lose More than we want. Its boring after An hour if ur not going to a concert. They need an outside door for concert goers so the rest of the patrons don't have to put up with all the young Party goers, especially the drinking Ones. Got out truck damaged by one who tried to rip off our truck mirrors. The resturant food was soo bad last nite even my dog said "NO" to the leftovers. The waitresses r very nice and Can't do enough for the patrons. The food is just bad, floor staff r hateful; and if ur Not a high roller or one of their Buddies on the list ur not gonna to WIN anything. The casinos in this area have their favorites and if ur not on their list Ur supporting the ones who are! Don't waste ur Money!!! Smoke is terrible and the smokers r rude. Who gave smokers the right to be rude. When they get sick and The rest of us have to pay for Their medical bills when the cant Work and they eat up our medicade For their O2. Then they can come Back and say, "I wish I had quit." Send them all to an island and let them smoke each other to death Because that's what u get in this casino lots of smoke and hot air from their ads. Not a smoker go to Hard Rock in Catoosa, At least they care and we win there. The rooms are beautiful!!! The food Is soooo very good!