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Terrible! Do not stay here. The staff was unfriendly. They put a huge hold on your card while you stay there. The restaurants in comparison to everything out there we're not good. There was a smell coming from the sink in my room. They overcharged for a hotel and you have people partying next to your room so loud you can't sleep. To top it off one night after staying there for my birthday we got in late and tired. They had just shampooed the carpets and lest the drying fan right outside of our bedroom. We could not sleep and we're up all night because of the fan. It was absolutely terrible. We wanted to get out of the room so we got up early the fan was still blowing by the time we left the room. I have stayed at many hotels and I have to say this was one of the worst. I would rather stay at a Holiday Inn then the Palms. Once again I'd like to repeat how rude this staff was. They actually glared at us and gave us dirty looks the whole time we were in there we felt uncomfortable for a place we paid a lot of money to stay in.