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Rio San Juan
My husband and I left for Jamaica on 2/23/16. The travel down was fine, but the problems started almost the second we arrived. When we checked in, we tried to make reservations for dinner. The woman who handled this looked at me like I was an idiot and said they had none. I showed her multiple emails where I had tried to make dinner reservations in advance and she said there was nothing she could do. Our room was 100 feet away from the main road where we went to sleep listening to police and large vans blaring rap music from giant speakers mounted to the roof. This continued all night long. The tub in our room would not drain. We had to call to have our room serviced and new towels brought to us. On the second night we had no hot water. We were finally able to switch rooms that was not right on the road. When my husband went to the front desk to complain, the woman rolled her eyes at him and told him there was nothing she could do. She had her hand on her hip staring at the ceiling while he was talking. Finally the manager stepped in and resolved the situation. We talked to several other guests of the resort who also said they had no hot water. The shower would not drain either. This was a major issue because whenever you got out of the shower tons of water came with you and it made the floor extremely slippery. I watched my husband fall one morning because of this. The safe did not work in the new room so we were unable to safeguard our belongings. One night we were not even able to eat. We had reservations at the hibachi restaurant for 9:15. We arrived at 9:00, early obviously. While waiting a very nice couple came in that we had previously met at the pool. They were telling us how they had already had dinner at the Mexican restaurant, but they ran into some friends in the lobby who wanted them to come eat hibachi with them - they did not have reservations. We were all seated finally around 9:45 and there was no seat available for us because the couple with no reservations had taken our seats. So we went back and sat in the waiting area to be seated for another 20 minutes to no avail. The next night we ate at the Garden Grill where I had a spider in my salad. There was a woman there who we became great friends with. She fell on the floors one night because they were wet and no sign was up. She had to be rushed to the hospital due to a head injury and nobody from the resort escorted her. She had to pay almost $3,000 to the hospital before they would release her. She was then taken back to the resort at midnight by a random taxi driver who lied and said he needed gas and drove her through back roads of Jamaica while it was clear he had plenty of gas and they never stopped - all while he told her he liked big women and they should hang out. Is this what the hotel does when a guest in injured? Sends them to the hospital on their own and leaves them unprotected? This woman is lucky she even made it back to the hotel. We stayed at the Bahia in Punta Cana in August of 2015. I loved that resort. The week after we got home I referred coworkers who went. There is no possible way I would ever refer anybody to any Bahia resort ever again. I work in downtown Atlanta and see hundred of people each day and let me assure you that every single person will know about our experience. I was also shocked that the only thing the resort offered was a 30 minute massage for all of our troubles. Not only that, but they wanted us to sign a giant form detailing how we wouldn't leave any negative reviews or make any more complaints. They also wanted to make a copy of my passport with me signing the form. No thank you! My husband came home from being deployed the Thursday before he left. It was beyond disappointing that his first week home we experienced this. I emailed the resort and their response was in short 'not our problem'. So you can expect that if you do have any issues - and trust me you will - that the staff won't care in the slightest bit. Spend the extra money and stay somewhere else in Jamaica. It will be worth it, I promise.