Nisqually Red Wind Casino Nisqually Red Wind Casino
Olympia, Washington
+evan woodard if you think this is the most upscale casino in washington then you obviously hasn't been to snoqualmie casino.... that's all I can say. This is casino is ok, but definitely not the most upscale in washington. It might be the second best after snoqualmie casino. A lot of the staff are really "old fashioned" which is definitely not my thing maybe it's because a lot of the staff are senior age or close to it. Even some security in the entrance are close-to-senior-age-people. Which is odd? and they do get in your way sometimes which can be annoying. Me and my kids go to the Deli together sometimes and they ALWAYS has to stop us which doesn't make a bit of sense. Like chill, we're going to eat, not bringing them to the casino so why do you even care....? And I'm not saying all of them are like this, just those with older age. One thing I love about Snoqualmie casino is that they are care free. I have never been asked or stopped when I bring my kids into the casino or to the buffets to eat. That's how normal people should act. I don't know why they care so much but one thing is for sure, we are never eating or buying food here again. Environment? meh. There are a lot of rednecks near this area so there's a lot of low class people speeding the crap out of there ricers in the parking lot. The noise is up the ceiling. So don't expect having a quiet time in the parking lot. But you know, on the other hand things like this doesn't always happen, just some of them are like this. Overall it's an ok casino, and would be even better without these annoying people. Slot machines are ok, just like any other casino. Nothing much to say about that.