Triple Play
Las Vegas, Nevada
They quoted me $ 125.00 so we placed our reservation for Saturday from 12:15-2:15.At the last minute a very good friends daughter was released from the hospital but couldn't go home till later next week. So we invited them to join us for my sons birthday party. Normally we only get to see each other at the hospital or the Ronald McDonald house, so it was supposed to be a great day all the way around. On Saturday we were running about 8 minutes late so as soon as we got there we wanted to get the room ready and we were told that we would have to wait because the kids always play first. I explained that we wanted to do the cake first and it became one big complicated mess. They did get a room cleaned up for us and we went in and decorated it. When we explained that we did invite three children to join us we were told that the 125.00 price was only good for our 4 children and if they show up we would have to pay 15.00 extra dollars for each child. As we were trying to figure all of this out my friend and her children showed up and we were also having to rush to get my sons cake and presents done because we did run a little late it was explained to us we would have to cut some time off somewhere. We wanted them to fully enjoy there play time so we rushed through cake time while most of the time I was in and out of the room trying to figure out what was going on with our new bill. I was told that we could leave our price the same and have our friends pay the 45.00 difference seeing as after the party, presents and cake we were already at our limit. At this point I was so outraged at the way this was being dealt with but what could we do there was no way we were going to make our friends pay and I wasn't going to pack up and leave so we agreed to pay the difference. So we rapped up the cake and went to play one of my children has autism,CP, and several other medical problems and was scared of all of the bouncy houses and refused to play so the told us they wouldn't change us for her. I didn't understand though that mentality she wasn't allowed to touch anything at all or they would apply that amount back on. There was only two things she was interested in a doll house and the balls that you put in a tube that fly's out. So when I ask her to play a game of air hockey with me I was informed she couldn't play at that fact neither could I. I bluntly ask the staff if she touches anything will we be changed for her and they said yes. So basically for the two hours we were there all she was allowed to do was to sit and watch everyone play. The building is filled with two stories of bouncy houses and a few small toys. The staff member came up to me and with a attitude told me she could play with anything she wanted to but the next time we would be charged and I let him know that I would never make this mistake again there will not be a next time. Also no adults were allowed to play with there children unless they wanted to $11.00 for a wristband themselves. They had air hockey, the wall ball machine, ball guns upstairs, and at least 9 bounce house's and much more. So when my son the birthday boy ask me if I could play a game of air hockey with him I had to say no. I am not sure what type of clientele they normally deal with but both me and my friend met when both of our children were on life support at the same time and don't take for granted the breath that our children breath because we know how quick it can be gone. All I wanted to do was celebrate the birth of my child and instead received nothing but problems. Our final bill was $180.00 and I wouldn't recommend this place at all to anyone. For that kind of money I could have gone anywhere and there will not be a next time for my family.