Rivers Casino Des Plaines - Chicago Rivers Casino Des Plaines - Chicago
Des Plaines, Illinois
A word of EXTREME CAUTION. This casino relies heavily on the Shuffle Master device to organize you cards on all table games. There is tremendous suspicion taking place regarding these machines. After hearing from many gamblers, who were complaining about the machines actually being rigged, I decided to take a visit to the casino myself. During my visit, I did notice a HUGE domination by the dealers during the Texas Hole 'em games. I have never seen a one-sided affair like the one I witnessed at the two tables. I decide to count how many times the dealer won against individuals. At one point, the dealer at one table had 69 hands better than the 74 she had faced. Those odds are ridiculously astronomical. What was even more peculiar was the fact that the dealer amassed countless one-better victories than her opponents; a better straight, a flush over a straight, a straight over a set, a better set. With every subsequent visit, the pattern has remained the same. Something fishy is taking place; no one individual could possibly have the winning hand well over 80 percent of the time over a stretch of one year. During a few heart-to-hearts with a handful of dealers, they revealed to me that they are not allowed to deal the cards by hands on the occasion the Shuffle Master machines break down.