Cherokee Nation Outpost Tobacco Shop
Catoosa, Oklahoma
Had a great experience with the hotel. McGill's was awesome. We had a terrible experience inside the casino. We were playing on a machine and had an attendant come up and ask us to get off the machine. He stated they needed to service the machine. We were surprised, looked at each and another attendant came up behind us within seconds telling us we needed to get off the machine. As we were cashing out another clerk approaches us and tells us we can get back on in a little while. We went and found a floor manager and described our experience. We were told they only have so long to get money out of machines. That they needed to have some customer service sensitivity training. She would pass it on. I expressed to her that we would not be playing anymore machines and that was terrible customer service she agreed and walked away. When we checked out I described our experience to the hotel manager and she also said the same thing about the timing of getting money out of the machines and said she was sorry and that she would pass it on. It was a huge fail for #hardrocktulsa