Cherokee Nation Outpost Tobacco Shop
Catoosa, Oklahoma
Constant screaming bell rings across floor due to bingo alert. Inescapable, as are the change help who they intermittently switch into security outfits that don't fit them because they were orriginally tailored for a different change person. Once in these deformed suits and given an earpiece, they give everyone the stink eye that they wish they could have when they were running change the previous day. Especially if you don't constantly validate their new position and stroke their bloated and belligerent bullying staff of wannabe mob guys/and girls. I saw one of their security at Walmart, with his name badge 'Jared' pinned on his shirt, harrasing a black lady, who I had to go up to and tell her, "He didnt work there." Guy was brandishing his hand cuffs around. Meanwhile, back at headquarters, hard rock Twilight Zone, if you don't stare lovingly into the entire staffs eyes as if you know how proud everyone must be of them. And while constantly playing their machines at a constant speed while validating them. You will be decended upon. God forbid you should get something to eat or check your phone messages. Or they will get nervous to the point of calling 911. And you'll see them secretly devising and hatching up a plan for you. If you stop inserting money all together and have a seat on one of their hospitality benches to go thru your papers or count your money or assess your situation? Forget it. They will start networking and inciting each other, rousting you and reminding you of your position in the equation without any conviction towards your personal space or 2who or what you're about, or why you're there in the 1st place. For all they know you could be there for a mandatory convention center seminar. But they only understand darker and twistier concepts. They will start creeping around you to figure out what you are doing, and you feel like they are going to attack you if you dont do something to make them comfortable. Instead of the other way around. (Not that I want them to make me comfortable. Or disturb me in any way, please, this is not the solution to you problem hard rock.) Leaving people alone is the solution that these creeps cant figure out. It is expensive to make people like them comfortable, it's like taking a group of spoiled kids with you to the mall. Insane, ... and the airport shuttle driver left 15 minutes early in an attemp to teach us a last final lesson. Left in an empty shuttle, smiling and waving at co-workers as he left. He never pulled up to the actual pick up spot. We just thought he was re-positioning the van? But then he left 12 people standing there on the curb? Never mentioned to any of us that he was leaving. Head-to-toe weird staff. Girl had to radio him to come back, it was like a joke but they were serious, heads tilted at us as if we were insane for noticing this. They couldn't believe it that people would want to get to the airport on time. And actually,.. 9 of the 12 people there had their heads tilted at us for noticing this. People already brain washed to do as the staff does. They seam to think that this kind of allegiance will help them win? And they all slink around the casino smoking and showing off their new babies. A change girl had her new baby on the casino floor showing it off to other employees in the smokey casino. A real twilight zone part of the country. And some kind of weird, last ditch effort to get me involved in whatever game they were all playing .. now in the valet area. I guess if I was a good person, like them, the Oklahomans.. I was supposed to have been taught a lesson by these casino representatives about local customs and rituals? And subscribed like, "The others" at the shuttle stop obviously had. A drunk local fell on me while I was exiting the building towards the airport shuttle stop. Came crashing into me, screaming and cussing to divert attention away from his condition, then dissapeared into the dark parking lot. Staff came up to me while waiting for van to come back and told me to leave their guests alone and2 not cuss at them? Missed flight.