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Sep 7 '19 at 22:21

Symphony of the Seas

Overall Amazing...
Symphony is a beautiful ship and has some of the friendliest employees on her.. We had a great time and would probably sail her again BUT, and of course it could just have been the week we were on her, the slots were HORRIBLE....TERRIBLE... saw very little hand pays.. As info, the Casino Host doesn't announce hand pays.. it pops up quickly on the slot machine you're playing... "Douglas just won a $1200 jackpot" or something like that... While the casino is a nice size, it was also very crowded and yes, the smoke was awful... Being in a wheelchair or using a walker this week, the casino is not handicap friendly at all.. Very narrow aisle and some there was no way I could even make it down some aisle... But I had a great time and totally looking forward to booking another Royal cruise... And yup, even on the 4 day I was able to obtain another free cruise certificate...