Kiel Durmaj
Downtown Grand Downtown Grand
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Kiel Durmaj"
Great place, easy to find, and perfectly priced. It's really too bad that one little thing can change your entire perception of a place. Even worse, when that one thing is the complimentary coffee. Went down to the Commissary on our last day and got coffee for three of us. Not only were they out of the cup sleeves, the attendants were rude, and now I've got burnt fingers and arms. To add insult to injury, I attempted to use a decorative tray to carry the coffee upstairs and was abruptly stopped by the attendant. Seriously lady, you don't own the furniture, and it would have been a nice gesture to let me use it for 10 minutes. All the positive was wiped from my mind in a flash because the hotel can't offer the basics for the coffee and now my fingers are numb..