Robert Rodriguez
Thunder Valley Casino Resort Thunder Valley Casino Resort
Lincoln, California
"Robert Rodriguez"
TL;DR: Rewards Card: Good for everything but booze Buffet: Pretty good, lots of choices Thunder Bar: Sports, video poker, and reasonably priced drinks. Staff: Friendly and accommodating. SPA: TBD, picking up a gift cert for the girlfriend. I heard good things. Gaming: TBD, I played slots and video poker. Interested in California Craps and Blackjack. New to Sacramento and wanted somewhere to watch the Sharks vs Kings playoff game. This is close to where I work so I decided to check it out. I had been to see casinos in Cali before, but walking in, this one felt more like a Vegas casino. I signed up for the reward card because I read you get points for eating, playing, shopping, the hotel, and spa. The only thing you don't get points for is alcohol I ate dinner at the Buffet: Pretty good. A large selection of food but mostly Americanized versions of Chinese, sushi, Pho, Mexican, and Italian. I had a pot sticker, a lumpia, and a fried zucchini. I selected a fresh slice of beef with some au jus for the main course, some cranberry sauce, and corn bread. Lots of little desserts to choose from that were also good. I watched the game at Thunder Bar. Vegas style island bar I'm the middle of the casino floor. At first I thought the TVs were only on the outside, but once I got to a stool (which all have video poker/blackjack/keno machines on the bar surface) I saw the TVs mounted on the inside as well. The staff was friendly, JD & Cokes were $6 ea, and overall I enjoyed my experience. I played $5 in slots ($1 would have been okay too) to get my free first time use rewards. (Had to be on a non-proggresive machine) and $5 in video poker. Looking forward to playing blackjack and California Craps (you roll a pair of dice, one red and one blue, whichever is higher determines which card (red or blue) gets turned over, then the card shows two two dice faces that represent your roll. Other than that, it's like regular craps.