Valley Forge Casino Resort Valley Forge Casino Resort
King of Prussia, Pennsylvania
I really like coming here but I am really Annoyed with the valley club host I have beenaskingsince November of 2015 for them to looks to my account and tell me why I stopped receiving free play and there monthly promotions?? Well they have told me that I haven't played well lately???? Well that's a bunch of bull because me and my husband go together and play the slots next to each other and we both have are cards in and he's still getting his monthly offers and free gifts so last night April 22 -23 we played and my card no points and no free play but my hubby did?!?! So I went to the rewards to try for the 5th time to get an answer and the guy started telling me what they always do and I asked him to compare my husbands play and my play and he seemed annoyed but did it. So he's like wow u actually play more then ur husband??? So I'll have my manager of marketing review ur accounts and he promised me that he would email me by no later then Saturday afternoon/ evening. Well I'm still waiting to be contacted from him!! I just want my free play and monthly offers. Sincerely A very unhappy player