Matt Uhlman
Riverside Casino & Golf Resort Riverside Casino & Golf Resort
Riverside, Iowa
"Matt Uhlman"
Went to "The Casino" with a group a few weeks ago and the trip was pretty average. The night started at the buffet where $16.99 gets you an eclectic mix of slightly above average food that spans a good portion of the globe. It's been a long time since we had prime rib, buffalo chicken pizza, chicken satay and spring rolls. Unlike many of the IC buffet establishments, this food was very edible. Beer was $4.25 and required cash on the spot - probably a good plan, but a little odd for a casino. The gaming floor required you go, literally, though a security check point with some rather intense ladies in uniform. They asked me if my ID was really mine... I responded that it was....good story. The smoking section was the far section of the gaming floor and the slot areas. It lead to the entire areas being a little noxious for fumes, but it was tolerable, though our closes smelling like we'd gone back to a bowling alley in the 90's. The floor included a number of craps, roulette, blackjack (5 and 10 min) and poker tables. Nothing overly impressive, but enough to keep you busy. The slots are apparently very popular and it lead me to believe that most people playing either love Greek and Roman ancient royalty references (there were plenty!) or feeling rich when they venture a shiny penny on each pull. Oddest thing here were the bars. A buddy asked for a beer for both of us and the barkeep threw back some serious attitude about how one person could only buy one beer very 20 minutes and thus we could not buy for each other - we went to his neighbor and secured two beers in quick fashion. The final area explored was the back stage where a cover band played the best of the 70's and there were plenty of my mom's would be friends getting down. Glad all were having fun! Overall, a mediocre-good experience were the company makes the evening. Nothing overly impressive, but if you love them slots, you've got plenty to keep you busy. Waitresses deliver bottled water so at least they promote hydration and the prevention of kidney stones!