Jenny Flowers Strother
Southland Park Southland Park
West Memphis, Arkansas
"Jenny Flowers Strother"
We like Southland. It is closer to Memphis than Tunica and thus works much better for a quick casino visit. They have enlarged greatly giving many choices of machine. [MUCH SPACE TO COVER WALKING CAUSE ALL 1 FLOOR] They have some machine I truly dislike. They have manyI machines I enjoy greatly. One can find most any type machine if you take the time to look around or ask an attendant . The attendants without a doubt are curious and helpfull A draw back is you pay for any alcohol beverages. It does deter people from over drinking. My max is 1 maybe at most 2 so it is no concern to me. When they 1st opened their food was not good. That has changed. The buffet is very good. The hamburger place right by the buffet has about the best hamburgers ever. Not as fond of the "Cafe" closer to Coat Check but have only tried once. The machines come and go are far as hitting. That in my opinion is the way of CSINOS.