judith Pratt
Southland Park Southland Park
West Memphis, Arkansas
"judith Pratt"
First things first... I do not like it when people that are on state assistance "Welfare" go to Casino and gamble. I thought that this was against the law...but when we was in the line waiting to get are members playing cards the group that was in front of us was denied a card because of this but was told that they could still play but would need someone else to collect the winnings if they hit a jackpot. This is not OK by me. If they are on state assistance "Welfare" that means they was gambling with state money tax's payers money... And all the people was taking more then one slot machine at a time and they was not at all nice about it and holding slot machine when there was no money in it and all the Casino dose is nothing but ask people to only play one slot machine at a time and that not in person its over the intercom that's it. when they need to do something about it... We go to Casino all over the 48 States USA and we will NEVER come back here. And I will not even go into the fake jackpot winners that we seen in the high limit room. Just to get players to go in there and play we have proof Of that fake stuff. we will NEVER come back here again...