Ben Kostelnik
Park MGM Park MGM
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Ben Kostelnik"
I was there for work and it was without a doubt the worst place I have ever stayed. Unhelpful staff, dirty room, crappy shower just to name a few. I looked past all that and said to myself, hey it's Vegas. Hard to believe there is no mini fridge, no coffee maker, no plastic cups, no plastic bag for the ice bucket (dirty ice bucket actually). The adjoining room was obviously occupied by a prostitute, trust me it was very clear. They were smoking weed and doing a bit of nose candy and partied until 5am. I was going to let it go and aging said hey it's Vegas, but i called to complain at 5am and about a half hour later the noise stopped. The next night, same type of activity but I called at midnight, since I had to be up at 3:30am to catch my flight. The front desk transferred me to their security number and I had to handle it. Apparently the front desk was way too busy to help us out. I was going to complain at check out when she asked how our stay was. Well, she didn't ask and I was just too pissed off to get into it. What would they offer me, a free night in the future or something? Even if it was free, I wouldn't stay there. Trust me, I'm not a bitter prude. The stay was just that bad.