Devin Ingram
Great Blue Heron Charity Casino Great Blue Heron Charity Casino
Port Perry, Ontario
"Devin Ingram"
To sum up my experience, a joke, if u like to drink and be positive this is not your casino, they like miserable quiet people only, let me give u the story , last night 1230am we arrived brought 600-800$ between the group of us and got some drinks, got myself a rye and coke and my buddy's grabbed a pint, while I sipped my first drink I played a bit won a few bucks lost a few, went to this blackjack table (completely empty) lost the last few bucks I had and its not 130am I figured I would get another drink being that casino is the only place I actually decide a drink is nice to have, so I get my drink find my buddies and bring them to blackjack being that someone else wanted to play I moved over knocking down a chair I pick it up we leave blackjack for roulette im standing there and its now after 2am (last call) and the manager or some pos from management told me I need to slow down on my drinking LOL second drink in half a year bud, asked him to kick me out in that he'd only be doing me a massive favour by kicking me out and banning me considering in 2trips theres I lost 1500$ in 25 mins either way though laat time I go to this dump and I suggest the same for u