Dagger cat
Viva! Casino Sofia
"Dagger cat"
After reading the varied reviews, was almost afraid to order some items! Started with a drink. Very strong! Not a bad thing btw... Had the calamari appetizer. Tender, perfectly seasoned. The lemon/garlic aioli was heavenly.The wait staff was on their game. Want to talk about tough jobs? Try being a waitperson... I had the Mahi Mahi Taco's. The Mahi was properly cooked, and for the most part, it was a nice entree. However, I could not discern the salsa mayo, which could have been the "glue" that held everything together better, and the side was taco chips... Why on earth would you put plain taco chips, with a tiny bit of drab salsa, with this really nice fish taco? Even a piece of mango, or pineapple, or papaya, or... anything but taco chips! So, some great moments and some missteps, but watching the ferry come in... priceless... And any complaints about the noise level... Yes, the noise level was high, but in a really weird way. I could talk and hear easily at my table, but not be able to understand what the other tables were talking about. I give that a six star rating...