Eunique Nexxe
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"Eunique Nexxe"
Okay, I like Maryland Live Casino. Much like any other casino you have the usual all you can eat buffet, card tables and slots. Alllll on black andet it ride! What I like about Maryland Live is that no smoking is allowed! I love the atmosphere of a hustling, bustling casino, the music, the noise, the wins and loses, but the smoke??? I can't deal with a smoky, congested environment for too long, or not at all. Vegas is a prime example. By the time I'm leaving those casinos my eyes are bloodshot red and my clothes should go straight in the garbage! The employees are friendly enough---of course they are in such a money-rigging environment! Uggggg. But with the free parking and free rail drinks one can't complain too much. And the venue is also really clean and spacious. Enjoy!