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Choctaw Casino - Idabel Choctaw Casino - Idabel
Idabel, Oklahoma
I've played at Choctaw in Idabel for years. I would not go if it wasn't for the fact that I have family that lives locally and I only play there when visiting. My last visit was typical of the attitude and competence of most of the staff. I won a HP on a penny slot and was told that (THE) slot attendant had to go to "the store" and would be a while returning. My machine went off for approx 30-45min before (THE) slot attendant returned to the building. The trip before I had a similar experience with a machine freezing and security telling me that there wasn't a slot attendant available and that I should just leave the machine that had frozen with my $100 bill. Last year I had an issue where a debit card was ran multiple times at the POS cash cage. It took 2 weeks to get my money refunded and was advised that the only requirement to work there is to be a member of the tribe. Most employees aren't even capable of balancing their cash drawers. However, I play there and win. I personally recommend Choctaw Grant over this one though. Idabel has too many people that look like vagrants milling around at all times.