Ashlee Shields
Century Casino Cripple Creek
Cripple Creek, Colorado
"Ashlee Shields"
First time at Century and all together its pretty nice. Front desk attendant was great and very helpful. We decided to eat at their Mid City grill and ended up extremely dissapointed. We could tell that the food was prepared ahead of time and possibly microwaved. Spaghetti was mushy and bland. It was like eating wet bread with something like meatballs on it. The half chicken they offer was also poor. The leg was almost missing it was so small and it was dried out and rubbery. I wouldnt recomend eating here unless its a last resort and it almost is up here. The room was very nice though and talk about clean! Looks recently renovated and modernized. Simple but a good value. Noise level was probably three out of ten. Not noisy but there were occasional sounds from the next room and air conditioning. Nothing bad though. Certainly would rec this place but not the food. Casino was obviously old but still fun. Doesnt matter because you can casino hop at your discression.