orlando gomez
Commerce Casino Commerce Casino
Commerce, California
"orlando gomez"
Los Angeles has many other casinos that have impressed me in their superior customer service and quality of their gaming sections. Commerce Casino does not hold a candle to their competition. The dealers will barely make eye contact with players let alone talk to players beyond no more bets. The Floormen are the true disappointment though, they will only interact with higher rollers to ensure they are being taken care of with amenities or food/cocktail service. Security is pretty lazy and extremely rude. The atmosphere would best be described as bland and leaves you bored to tears with the amount of banter the employees make amongst themselves ignoring players and severely delay the games. The worst casino in LA. Don't waste your time, there are plenty of other casinos within 30 minutes and one within 15 minutes that will show you a good time and take care of you rather than disappoint like commerce casino. Good Luck, you'll need it.