DO NOT STAY HERE! Worst experience ever. I travel for work and live in hotels. Everywhere was booked so I ended up here unfortunately. Lady at the desk was ignorant and had zero customer service skills. Took 3 trips back to the desk to get room keys to work. Room smelled terrible and was severely out dated. Oh I forgot about the guy passed out in the hallway on my way in. I called every hotel within the area in hopes to get out of here the moment I arrived to the room. Place was very loud and could hear people's every move. The lady the following morning let me stand at the desk for minutes while she texted on her phone. She didn't think I could see her. She treated me as I was a bother or pest. Never made eye contact or asked about my stay. Wanted me out quickly so she could get back to her chair and was extremely rude. All in all the worst experience in years of traveling. I would never take the time for something like this but if I could save one person from staying here its worth it. DO NOT STAY HERE!