Phyllis Foley
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Santa Fe, New Mexico
"Phyllis Foley"
Don't stay here! The WORST customer service I've ever experienced! I had reservations for two rooms for two nights in a row, and upon check in my guests were first told, "no, we have no reservation for you", and then after some argument, they were given rooms for one night, with "no reservation in our records" for the following night. I gave them the online confirmation number, still they had no record of our reservations for the following night. So I scrambled to find hotel rooms somewhere else for my guests for the next night (at twice the price), only to have my guests told at check out the next morning, "oh, we have you reserved for two rooms tonight as well!" NOT!! I had told them we would check out after one night (since they had no reservations for us the second night), and made it very clear to the general manager that I would not be paying for additional nights. Well, they charged my card for the next night as well. Now, it's been five days that I've been trying to get hold of the general manager, and he's conveniently never there, or "just left", or "on vacation", with no other manager in charge on site. I'm disputing the charge with my credit card now. WHAT A FIASCO!! I wouldn't trust them with a reservation, and we will NEVER use this hotel again.