Debbie Kelly
SunRay Park & Casino SunRay Park & Casino
Farmington, New Mexico
"Debbie Kelly"
Horrible, Horrible Horrible place. The G.M. is terrible and rude. My husband didn't get his coupon for this month so we went up to ask why. We told them we understood that he was not able to get the gift that was being given away for this month, May 2015, but we wanted to know why he all the sudden get his card for this month. We were told "you have to have your coupon" We stated we understood that but would like to know why he didn't get it. He said probably not enough play for this month, but we lost over 1500 dollars this month so he should have at least received the card. They said he had free play on his card, the same as every month, but wouldn't that mean he had enough to get his free gift card. I asked that man who later said he was the G.M., that we just wanted to know if there was a problem with his players club account. But the G.M. kept saying you have to have a coupon. The casino is always dirty the machines are always broke down, the food is terrible and the only good thing is the drink lady and the casino slot tech. WE Won't being going back.... No wonder they are trying to sell Sun Ray Park and Casino for 12 million. It won't sell because it is not worth that. Good Luck MR. GM you need so classes in how to keep people coming to your Casino not run them off.