Jimmy A
The Cromwell The Cromwell
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Jimmy A"
Surprise!! That's my overall feel from this hotel. (in a good way) Unexpectedly decorated rooms, very nice, clean, large. Great bathroom, large shower, no bath. (Standard King room). Parking is oddly placed from the hotel. Location is good. The pool is both fantastic and a disappointment. The very popular night club in the hotel uses the pool on Tuesdays for a pool party withwith a DJ, drinks, it's a blast. But that means a line up and all the other downsides of trying to get in to a club (which I despise). Fine that's Tuesdays. The rest of the week the pool closes at 6pm! What a huge disappointment! Gorgeous pool area and closes so early. The sun isis up and it's hot late! Why close the pool so early. All on all, I good hotel, small casino, nice pool area. II would not call this place family friendly, more of the adult or party goers type of place.