Bryan Brown
Cherokee Casino - Tahlequah Cherokee Casino - Tahlequah
Tahlequah, Oklahoma
"Bryan Brown"
16% payback. The Cherokee casino pay back the lowest percentage of any Oklahoma casino that I have ever played. If it is Cherokee casino don't stop or play. I would not ever stop at Cherokee casino if I had choice. Of all the Indian casinos that I have played the Cherokee casino pays the lowest percentage. If I where from out of state I would not stop at Cherokee casino try any other tribe they all pay a higher percentage. Every Cherokee casino that I have been to ( which is 90% of them) is an average of 16% payback. If you use your card it is a lower percentage then 16%.. If I could give it lower then 1 star I would. Save your money stop at any other tribe but Cherokee.! Only c Indian casino that I have played at that the second back to back red spin pays less than the first. $80.00 paid back 14.00 no red spins. Never bet max it does not pay until you spent over 75.00.