Kathy Garland
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Cape Canaveral, FL
"Kathy Garland"
This past Saturday, May 21st, a group of 22 of my friends and family met to celebrate my birthday. We were told that someone would greet us and make sure we boarded as a group. No one did. In fact, two people in my party boarded the ship and ate food before the rest of us. We were told that we would all be allowed to eat together, as a group. Instead, the dinner person was very rude and told us that it was impossible. She said there was no way they could seat 20 people together. Luckily, my husband found the cruise director, Jessica (I think is her name). Unfortunately, Jessica is new and didn't know much about how to accommodate a party of 22 people. She enlisted the help of the person over the restaurant crew, and eventually, we were able to eat together (except the 2 who ate earlier). Finally, we were told that having cake would be no problem and that we would be able to have it as a group at 9:30. Although someone from the ship secured the cake, no one else knew where it was. It had to be found. Eventually, (around 10:30) we were able to meet as a group and cut and eat the cake. There are two other things to be noted: (1) Lucy, our waitress seemed to be out of sorts, forgetting several drink orders and being visibly frustrated; (2) Corey, a bartender on the first floor was very rude to Jessica, and subsequently me and my husband when asked where our cake was. I understand that everyone was busy, but there was little reason to be rude. Because of the above issues, I spent an hour (of my own party) convincing the staff and cruise director that we were a group and promised these things. The night began horribly stressed. Once everything was settled, I had a wonderful time, but I must say that if anyone asks me if they should have a group or party on this casino boat, my answer will be an emphatic, "No."