Docs1 forever
Choctaw Casino - Pocola
Pocola, Oklahoma
"Docs1 forever"
we drove the 315 miles to this casino to try it out on Jan 13 ,2016 We should have known to not stay or play for long as the casino was nearly empty Arriving about 4 in the afternoon knowing that was a little early for the night crowd, we decided to play and see if we could do any good I have to say we left at 10 P.M. and there were not very many people there than when we first arrived As we walked in we were met by several people saying you are wasting time and money even going in The wife and I played slots that in other casinos always seem to give some play time or a small return We both played new machines and no better luck with those The people we did observe playing all played minimum bet and some were not even playing all lines We did see several people hit bonus rounds and get nothing or very little in return A really disappointing trip and will not be back We have been playing slots for a lot of years so we understand casinos are in it to make money But at least some give you some playtime There is no place to walk up and get a soft drink, you have to wait on a hostess and they are few and far between. I finally got the attention of one and 4 hours latter she had not returned The parking is really inconvenient which does not help matters either. I do not like having walk that long distance at night Did not feel secure at all Not this one