Arnlaf Pillowbane
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Adelaide, South Australia
"Arnlaf Pillowbane"
The steak night (Tuesday and Wednesday) was a surprise. Expecting the usually pub fare, we were pleasantly astonished by the quality of the meat and the skill with the Chef applied his trade. The char grilled sirloin was presented in a spartan manner, on a bed of crisp, fat french fries with a saucier of pepper sauce on the side. Not unexpected from a pub. The steak was cooked close to perfection, the smokiness from the kiss of flame enhanced the beef flavour, and the pepper sauce presented the spiciness with a silky liquid that clung to a fork full of meaty goodness like a lover's caress. The salad bar was clean well presented and tasty, if somewhat lacking in imagination. I will return for the steaks, and I recommend it anybody as a good pub meal and experience.