Adam Hawana
Resorts World Casino New York City Resorts World Casino New York City
Jamaica, New York
"Adam Hawana"
Why do I dislike this place? Well I hope there's enough room for me to list them out. 1. Every customer is an uninformed customer. There's so much mystery surrounding what the actual odds of winning are. Why not list them next to the machines? Like McDonald's lists the calorie intake next to each sandwich. 2. Electronic table games. Do their odds match the actual table game? If so, it should clearly list that and make people comfortable to play them. If not, then the machines shouldn't exist to begin with. 3. Hotels/amenities? With the amount of revenue being generated, where are the investments in making this place more attractive? The least they can do is keep all bathrooms immaculate, which isn't the case. 4. Overall atmosphere feels uninviting. Trying to cash your ticket can take 45 minutes. Plus all the W2s for gambling wins that don't consider how much you have lost. In my opinion, you're better off putting your money away and heading down to AC once a month. At least you'll have a free room and other activities to enjoy besides gambling. Plus you don't get a W2 for every time you get lucky.