Stephanie Watson
Skagit Valley Casino Resort Skagit Valley Casino Resort
Bow, Washington
"Stephanie Watson"
Very disappointing, booked a suite for my Hubs and I "night away" and he was excited to play craps. We get there and NO craps, ok... The cocktailer who was watching the bar explains that there was a group of guys that were loud and annoying so they got rid of the table! Really!?! Our response was get rid of the people not the game. When I asked the same person what there wifi connection was she said oh no, we don't have that and no cell service either. Casino rule no phones wtf! Now we felt like prisoners so we decided to take a drive around and take in some veiws. We come back and decided to go back to the casino not once in 1 hour did I get service? Now let's fast forward to morning I go to get in shower and there's a sign that says close both doors to bathroom as steam can set off smoke alarm?!? Again wtf! So I follow the instructions as I get in the shower all I see is black mold in all the corners. Gross, I just rinse off and get out. Well no crap there's mold there's no ventilationand both doors being sealed shut. Very poor experience, won't be back.,