J Jean
Cherokee Casino - Roland Cherokee Casino - Roland
Roland, Oklahoma
"J Jean"
I read some of the online reviews posted since the new construction. At first, I was hesitant to stay at the Cherokee Casino in Roland over Christmas, but then I decided to do so... I was glad I did and enjoyed my stay so much so that I felt I needed to write a review. (If you don't have time to read the whole review, you might want to catch the last two paragraphs.) HOTEL: The hotel room smelled just like a brand new hotel would. It had a fridge, safe, coffee pot, seating in the walk-in shower, and spare electrical outlets above the end-tables and desk... Very nice. I am sure I am leaving many things out and not doing it justice. The only suggestion for improvement would be to have better lighting in the shower room. The way the lighting is currently casts a shadow on the face of the individual standing in front of the mirror. (No worries for the ladies though. There is a lighted circular mirror at the desk that is excellent for putting on makeup.) FRONT DESK: The front desk did have quite a bit of trouble checking me in, but it was due to the new software system. Both ladies were quite polite and attentive. SECURITY: The security personnel were also pleasant and professional. What is strange is that one of the reviews stated that the security personnel were suspicious and gave dirty looks. My experience was quite the opposite. Of course, as security, they regularly walked around the casino floor, but every officer I spoke with was quite pleasant. In fact, I spoke with one of the security officers, Dwight, for a bit, and he was quite entertaining. CASINO: I stayed two nights and played a bit. I was up one night, and down the next. I am not a large "better," but I do like to be able to sit at a machine and play for a bit. I was able to do that at this casino. The thing that I wanted to comment on the most is what happened after I left the casino and was on my way back home (needing to travel across three states). I stopped to fill up at the gas station there at the hotel and casino, and I noticed a nail in my tire. It was Christmas day, and I could not find anyone open. I talked to towing services, truck stops, Walmart, etc. On a whim, I called the front desk at this hotel. They found an individual who met me off of the 40 interstate to fix my tire. That is more than good service. That is absolutely SUPERB service. I will stay here again when I am in the area, and I would recommend this hotel and casino to all travelers in this area. Not only did they take care of me while I was there, but they also helped me after I left... Good people.