Jay F
Seminole Casino Immokalee Seminole Casino Immokalee
Immokalee, Florida
"Jay F"
Very displeased with the recent visit. The cashier JANICE (glasses, a pony tail a 6 year old would sport, and a little heavyset) was absolutely disgusting in the way she treated me. She was nasty and rude and all I was wondering was why if you have two sections, smoking and nonsmoking, do you only have one cashier window opened. Her response wAs in a demeaning tone well they have to go on a 30 minute break sometime! Okay yeah and your point? I was just wondering because every time I go they are missing from the non smoking side. That's fine with me. It could be a coincidence. What's not acceptable though is the tone and facial expressions the swine wanted to make just because I was questioning it. I just don't understand the rudeness of this casino because this isn't the first time but sure will be the last time I choose this one. I suppose it has to do with the "culture" that owns this location.