Quincy Deloney
Soboba Casino Soboba Casino
San Jacinto, California
"Quincy Deloney"
Loyal gamblers I’ve gone to Soboba Casino and have won some, and on the other hand have lost some over the last 15 years. But there has always been some confront in knowing that based on my play, I would be awarded a comparable free play allotment. Well that has not been the case for the year of play in (2016). The new promotions free play earning policy has been changed to about 80% less based on mine and other's play, I was told that this may have been contributed to a new promotions manager, other regular players are voicing the loss of free play too. I’ve experienced it myself, and have spoken with other loyal players who have confided with me that they no longer receive the free play that was granted for years preceding this year of 2016, which aligns with the timeline of hiring the new promotions person. I feel that the disrespect of the local players is being felted among us all, and we are slowly starting to show our disapproval by not patronizing the casino as before. The tribal leaders will start to see the decline if they haven’t seen it already. The fun of going to what we called OUR local casino has gone; Soboba has even started to playing less in alignment with the rewards that have been assigned to our free play accounts. Today May 01, 2016 I made up my mind to voice my disapproval. If you are a new rewards club starting to play at Soboba. Don’t count on the rewards system, being fair.