Jeff Hood
Chinook Winds Casino Resort Chinook Winds Casino Resort
Lincoln City, Oregon
"Jeff Hood"
You should consider changing your policy in your buffet where you kick your guests out between breakfast and lunch and inform them that they can come back at 11:30 and pay again. We arrived at 10:45 and were advised that we had less than 15 minutes to eat at which time we would have to leave. Really??? This is a policy that is in no way guest focused and I am certain we are only the tip of the iceberg of guests that it has angered in the past. As a result instead of staying to enjoy the buffet after which time we would have donated at least $200 to your machines we simply left without spending even $1. We ate elsewhere and found other fun beach stuff to spend our money on. I suggest you contact Spirit Mountain Casino and ask them how they do it. Long story short, we won't be back. Thanks for saving me the $200