sal l
Daytona Beach Kennel Club and Poker Room Daytona Beach Kennel Club and Poker Room
Daytona Beach, Florida
"sal l"
what application to deal for the poker room I. the poker room manager was very arrogant and obnoxious towards me when I explain my experience as a dealer he told me he only hires experienced dealers yet I know several people that work and do not have poker room that have lot less experience than I do he continued to berate me over the phone and told me I had no experience at all whatsoever and I had no business applying for a job so therefore I am never ever stepping foot in their Poker Room I'd rather go play in another place rather than be treated like a total jerk. Asking for was a simple addition to show him what I can do and he couldn't understand that I have the experience to do so thank God I didn't drive all the way up there to be generated in person I will never ever play in a poker room ever there are so many better places to play