Christian Hoeffel
Hoosier Park Racing & Casino
Anderson, Indiana
"Christian Hoeffel"
This is easily the worst casino buffet I've ever visited (not typical in any way), and I've visited several. I visited for the seafood buffet, and it's a joke. Sure, there are crab legs and shrimp, but they're not of good quality. The prime rib was fine the first time, then it was cooked well- so it might as well have just been roast beef. The rest of the buffet is a complete joke! Very sparing options otherwise. For instance, the only heated vegetable options were peas & carrots and corn. Better options at Golden Corral or Old Country Buffet! The desserts weren't great, with the cakes actually wrapped in plastic wrap! The fondue had a funny tinge in The pasta section is an interesting option, but when I tried to eat my pasta, the marinara sauce had a sour taste to it. And don't get me started on customer service. You never quite know who your waiter is. I saw several employees just hanging out by the front desk and talking to each other, but it took me 10 minutes after my iced tea was empty to get a refill. And all of this is enjoyed while various casino employees are rolling food carts by your table to the back kitchen. Nice design Hoosier Park- diners really enjoy seeing and hearing their uncooked food be strolled by them while they eat! Had this been a $5 buffet, I would have sung a different tune. But at $25 for a "seafood and prime rib" buffet, I felt completely ripped off. Stay away!