Rachel Ewing
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La Romana
"Rachel Ewing"
0 stars! This was our HONEYMOON and it was RUINED by the resort. We were told that the resort was only 30-45 minutes away, but it was 1 ½ hours away! They call this misrepresentation “Dominican Time”. We get into our shuttle, which is an unmarked white vehicle. It took us about an hour down the road, got off on an exit ramp and parked under the overpass. The driver didn’t speak English. We had to get into a different white unmarked vehicle, which took us the rest of the way. This was scary. We didn’t realize that we would have to wear a wristband for the entire stay. It did not come off. The food made us sick every meal. There was not a lot to choose from. Everything tasted the same, gross. The buffet always had the same food options no matter what theme night is was, like Mexican or Italian. Not only were the food options the same, but it was literally the same food re-served from the lunch buffet that had been sitting outside for hours. Whether the buffet was outside or inside, there was no a piece of food that we ate all week that didn’t have a fly on it. There were some other restaurants there but you had to have a reservation. When we tried to make reservations, we were only allowed 3 for the 9 days we stayed. Even at these restaurants, there were the SAME food options in a buffet with flies flying around. None of the restaurants had bottled water. It was always SO HOT in the buffet room. We got the “All-Inclusive” option, which was a mistake. Besides the food making us sick, there was no room service menu or other food options besides the terrible restaurants and disgusting buffets. In fact, the lunch buffet gave me food poisoning! I vomited violently for two days. The last two days at the resort, we were afraid to the food. We bought some chips from the lobby shop and lived off of chips and Pepsi until we got back to the airport. As for “all you can drink”, there was a menu for all-inclusive drinks. This menu was small. The staff would put ½ shot of rum into 16 oz of slush. We tried, but only got drunk once out of 9 days. If we wanted any other liquor, drink, or a glass of wine, we would have had to pay for it. The beds were hard and hurt my body every night. The pillows were like prison pillows. Our ceiling leaked for four days. The last day, the water was streaming out from the ceiling. We tried to put towels down but they would quickly get soaked and leave puddles of water on the floor. The last night we were there, the sliding glass door to the patio would not close or lock. We couldn't sleep well knowing the door was not locked because we were on the ground level. Also, our room was close to the lobby back patio. The nightly entertainment was very loud. The “mini bar” consisted of two cans of beer and some water. During our stay, we had a total of four huge roaches in our room! Expedia shows a picture of a beautiful beach with crystal clear water. The water was brown. It was so muddy that you couldn’t see your elbow when standing chest-high in the water. As for the 24 on-site clinic, that was also a joke. After I got food poisoning from the resort and could not stop getting sick 48 hours later, I called the clinic to see a doctor. She wouldn’t give me the time of day without money. I thought I would get some kind of medical attention for paying for the all-inclusive package, but I was wrong. It costs $185 for a consultation, and any treatment or medicine is additional. When I told her I didn’t have the money, she scoffed and said, “You mean to tell me you don’t have a credit card?” I explained that our families paid to send us there for our honeymoon and I didn’t have any other money. She said, “Well, call back when you find a credit card.”