Garniel S
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Fresno, California
"Garniel S"
Horrible experience at this casino. I am visiting Fresno for work and read on the reviews of this casino; I was informed this hotel was worth a visit, I was informed wrong! The food was not bad for the price, I played a few games of blackjack, friendly dealers. I'm a big tipper and probably the only one who tipped. The main reason I visited was for the poker, there was a wait list and only one game available, so I put my name on the list for the 1/3 no limit, after an hour into playing BlackJack they opened a new table. Great table, great players, friendly attitude, and the dealers were VERY friendly. The floor not so much. We had a great table going and our chip leader was relocated to another table which we all were upset (including him), to see him go, then when another chip leader was instructed to move he threw a fit requesting NOT to be moved, because our table had action. The floor told him he had to move or he couldn't play, so the player pulled his chips and left the game; about 5 of the players at the table commented how the action was all gone and there were no chips to play against. I was the only chipleader at the table ($480ish) - at this point I made a joke to the floor saying the table denies the move of the chipleaders to the floor (Her name was MeeMee) - at this point she told me if I had a complaint/problem I needed to step aside and address her. I told her up front it was ridiculous and defeated the purpose of most of us wanting to play because the casino (or her) was killing the action - she gave me negative attitude and said "If you don't like it don't play here," at which I commented Yelp will be hearing about my rating. At this point she gave me an attitude and I asked her for her name, which she immediately covered it up (which of course I already knew it was MeeMee) - I told her I'm from out of town and play at other poker rooms, including Vegas and from all my experience playing over 10 years in card rooms this was by far the most unprofessional; at this point she asked me out loud for the table to hear, "If you play in Vegas, why are you playing at a $1/3 table?" which pretty much was taken as an insult, the majority of the tables, including dealer heard it and even saw it as a "low-blow." At this point 4 of the players who had a stack cashed out, and I followed there-after. All in all, the dealers are amazing, the insult I received from the floor basically calling me "poor" on how she addressed it, was very unprofessional. I told her I wouldn't visit the casino again for the remainder of my visit in the city during the week, she basically said "GOOD." - I tipped the dealer over $75 after I cashed out proving to her how much I was there for fun, not for the money; the floor took the fun out of my visit, I rate this casino in the negative if I could...I suggest if you go, the floor will do whatever it takes to ruin your time. Oh, and another funny thing, as soon as I picked my chips up and left she told the cashier to put a "on-break" sign on the about a cheap casino.