john hagan
SugarHouse Casino SugarHouse Casino
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
"john hagan"
First experience was awful. The head of security blatantly lied to my girlfriend about their policy on out of state ID's. Instead of scanning an ID like they have done before, they just decide to lie to your face about not accepting any ID other than Pennsylvania IDs, military ID, or passports... When the casino is 5 minutes away from another state! Not to mention she has been there countless times before using this same ID, and she signed up for the Rewards Program USING THE SAME ID. Called up the casino afterwards and was told that all state ID's are accepted, and then the head of security lied again and said we didn't let him check the ID. He came out, looked at the ID for one second, and quickly said "Sorry, we don't accept any out of state ID." WHY WOULD A CASINO HIRE A LIAR, LET ALONE GIVE HIM A MANAGMENT POSITION. I would also like to know why the four guards at the door didn't know this policy. All they said was they needed to scan the ID, they didn't say a word about not accepting out of state ID's.